Zoo Consulting

With more than 70 years combined experience in captive vertebrate management and 35 years experience in project management, Steve and Linda Sass were successful in gaining development consent and the construction certificate for what became the largest and most successful bird park in Australia, On the Perch Bird Park at Tathra. With development consent under the NSW Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 and an Authority to Construct an Animal Display Establishment under the NSW Exhibited Animals Act 1986 required, both approvals were received in December 2014. The bird park opened to the public in September 2015.

In the 4 1/2 years the bird park was in operation, the following achievements have forged what has now become a new model for wildlife parks in Australia and around the world:

🦩 one of the largest collections of birds on display in an Australian zoo
🦩 six amazing walk-in aviaries where we allowed visitors to interact with the birds like no other zoo in Australia has done before
🦩 successful breeding of more than 98% of all species including endangered and critically endangered species
🦩 the promotion of Aviculture to the wider community and the value and contribution of private bird keepers to threatened species conservation and education
🦩 we have proved that visitors to zoos do want to see birds despite many zoos believing this is not the case! Maybe it’s more about how birds are displayed and how visitors can experience them.
🦩 we created a mentor program for young bird keepers (8-18 years) from the Bega Valley, Snowy mountains and Riverina regions of NSW. Seven awesome bird keepers have completed this program.
🦩 we have sponsored and supported more than 1,000 community fundraisers and events
🦩 supporting traineeships in the zoo community. We have had 7 trainees through our doors now with the final one being supported until her completion.
🦩 and we have loved the opportunity to allow people to visit more than 800 birds behaving as naturally as they can inside our 17 aviaries.

Now that the bird park closed in February 2020 due to the ongoing threat of bushfire, Steve and Linda Sass are now available to assist you.